Why trucking companies have turned to vets as reliable truckers

vets as reliable truckers

Why trucking companies have turned to vets as reliable truckers

Conscription into the US Army instills rigorous discipline, strenuous training, and stamina. The army drums into you these traits throughout the boot camp stage and accentuates them at every juncture of your military life. For many vets, these qualities remain evident even after retirement. Vets well-versed with heavy-truck operations in the military bring to the table a heck of a punch for trucking companies and become very reliable truckers.

Niche Skills Set

For military veterans in their element under the wheel of heavy trailers and commercial fleets, they infuse top brass trucking expertise and driving experience. They also possess skills in diesel mechanic tasks and truck repair. The skills resonate with recruiters expecting to enlist drivers with the immense knowhow of trucking.

Advancement to CDL Level

The FMCSA has fast-tracked the process for CDL licensure of military vets seeking to join the trucking industry. Through a new law, vets get a Military Skills Test Waiver for truckers seeking a CDL. It covers the road assessment requirement, which means these operators only have to ace written CDL school exam. The exception absolves truckers who have undergone training under stringent military standards.

Solid Background Screening

Trucking companies can rely on prior assessment by the federal government. With their moves well-documented and examined by their superiors, these vets toe the line and desist from reprehensible conduct for shipshape transport. A quick glance at their credentials indicates personality with a higher degree of transparency for trucking companies to enlist them without digging up their past.

Professional Ethics & Responsibility

Along the same lines, individuals drawn from the military trenches possess unparalleled work ethics and responsibility. They have professional traits that strengthen your bond with industry stakeholders such as customers. Vets also diminish the likelihood of negligence, carelessness, and risks.

Military vets equipped with trucking expertise can boost retirement pension by joining the lucrative and fast-growing freight sector. The glut in the market of trucking providers in hot pursuit of vets to have them behind the wheel of their big rigs has risen sharply.

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