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A Review of the Quon CW 26 380 Heavy Duty Trucks

The Quon CW 26 380 heavy duty trucks are the newest additions to the UD range of high-powered trucks. It is a suitable truck for the tough and smart loads. Like you would expect from the Condor line of trucks, this 11-litre engine workhorse is built with great engineering and plenty of innovations.

One of the most distinctive features of this truck is that it comes with a new engine. This is a rarity in the trucking industry and particularly so for the Japanese trucks. The Quon CW 26 380 heavy duty trucks have brought the GH11 engines to Australia. The Quon CW 26 380 is one of the two main heavy duty trucks for sale offered by UD Trucks. The other heavy duty truck model from the same company is the GW 26 420 prime mover.

These trucks make what is part of UD Trucks new Quon Range of smart trucks for the toughest loads in the industry. The Quon 380 is a 380hp truck that is built with an ESCOT V transmission system. These are engines that offer you smaller capacities but deliver incredible performance. You will get higher fuel economies from these as well as lower emissions thanks to a series of design innovations that have been built into these engines.

The GH11 Engine of the Quon CW 26 380 Trucks

This is the ultimate engine for the trucking industry and it has been designed with a class-leading technology. The engine is lighter in weight, weighing 10% less than others in the same class. At the same time, it delivers incredible power and torque along with great fuel economy that will be a big boon to your business.

There are various cutting edge features in the GH11 engine. These include the ultra-high pressure fuel injection mechanism that will ensure an efficient and cleaner combustion. Other technologies that contribute to the efficiency of the engine include the Selective Catalytic Reduction or the SCR and the Variable Geometry Turbocharger or the VGT technologies.

With the GH11 Series of engines, you can look forward to not just an efficient and high-performance engine but also one that is environmentally-friendly. The engine’s fuel economy falls very much within the Euro 5 standards and regulations.