Water taxi – a pleasant way to travel between places across the sea or river

Brief introduction:

What if you have to travel from the main land to an Island, or just wish to celebrate the birthday of your dear ones on a river or sea? In all such cases you are bound to hire a water taxi. These are small or medium sized motor boats which ferry you from mainland to the Island or take you to the high sea or river, and in the midst of enchanting beauty of nature you can celebrate the birthday or any other occasion with your dear ones. You can find several ferry services of water taxi hire Sydney agencies provide easily.

Wonderful experience:

Many people hire the services of water taxi on special days like the Christmas, New Year and Valentine’s day and many similar occasions. Some of the corporates also avail the services of water taxi hire Sydneybased for conducting a meeting or for a cruise by VIPs of the organization. In fact, some people even hire a water taxi for celebrating marriages. The whole concept of water taxi hire Sydney agencies offer is so entertaining that you would certainly enjoy every minute of your stay on the water taxi. Some people hire the taxi for holidaying and they would spend few hours on the high seas or rivers and return by evening or night. That would be a wonderful experience which you would certainly cherish for the rest of your life.

Seating capacity:

Normally, water taxi hire Sydney based will have a maximum seating capacity of 24 people, excluding crew members. Many of these water taxi agencies are in the business for more than a decade and they have abundant experience in providing this service. Other notable features of the services of water taxi hire Sydney companies provide are briefly mentioned here:

Exclusive service: The cruises are known to provide comfortable seating arrangements and they are fully enclosed and guarantee absolute privacy for the entire party. The personnel of water taxi are known to provide personal attention to each of the guest.

Taxis to suit your needs: Water taxis are available with different seating capacity and as already mentioned, normally, they will have maximum seating for 24 adults. There are luxury water taxis which will be made available against specific request made by the client.

Safety: The services of water taxi hire Sydney agencies offer are known to give prime importance to the safety of passengers. The captain and other crew manning the cruise are adequately qualified, experienced and trained and they ensure that the guests are very safely ferried. The water taxi agencies are registered with the appropriate government agencies. The cruise is maintained in perfect sea-worthy condition.


Before you hire the taxi you must go through the reviews for the water taxi agency. If possible, you can even contact some of the passengers who have used the particular water taxi services. That would give you a firsthand assessment of the capability of the agency. At the same time, you must also ensure that the agency has taken necessary permission to cruise. Check also if the agency has taken an appropriate insurance policy which should also cover the passengers.


Cruising in the midst of the sea using the water taxi is surely a wonderful experience. The taxi is available on an hourly basis and you can also hire the taxi for any particular number of days. So hire one today and make your trip or occasion memorable. Visit http://www.majesticwatertaxis.com.au/water-taxi-hire-sydney-harbour-cost.